Two Good Shower Mirrors for Shaving

So, you’re looking for good shower mirrors for shaving, right? Well, you have come to the right place because that’s what this website is all about! I have spent hours and hours reading reviews and researching fogless shower mirrors. I also bought several just so I could test them. My research has led me to a couple of shower mirrors that I think are really great and that I think you are really going to like.

I know the world of shower mirrors can be quite complex and confusing. The reviews are all over the place. Some people swear a shower mirror is worthless. Others say how great it is. Well, I’m going to give you the information you need to make an informed decision. I may even save you a little money in the process.

How could I save you money? Well, there are several expensive shower mirrors on the market going for $40 to $60. Most of the mirrors in that price range are junk. The two mirrors I recommend generally sell for less than $10 (the prices do vary; so, sometimes they may be slightly more than $10).

What Two Shower Mirrors for Shaving Do I Recommend?

So, if you’re still reading, I guess you’re at least a little interested in which two mirrors are my favorite shower mirrors for shaving. Well, I’ll tell you: I like the “Fog Away” mirror by InterDesign, and I also like the Shave-Well mirror. Below I provide a quick overview of each mirror.

The Interdesign Mirror

The Interdesign mirror is one of my favorite shower mirrors for shaving.

How does it stay fogless?
You heat the mirror by filling it with warm water from the shower.

How long does it stay fog free?
For about 15 to 20 minutes.

Installation method.
It comes with a giant suction cup.

Main benefits.
It stays fogless a long time.

You can get more product information on the InterDesign mirror here.

The Shave-Well Mirror

The shave-well mirror is also a very good fogless shower mirror.

How does it stay fogless?
You heat the mirror up by holding it under the warm shower water for 4 to 5 seconds.

How long does it stay fog free?
For about 5 minutes.

Installation method.
It comes with a self-adhesive hook.

Main benefits.
It’s light weight and virtually unbreakable.

You can get more product information on the Shave-Well mirror here.

Some More Things to Consider…

Both of these shower shaving mirrors are great, but each one has it’s own strengths and weaknesses. For example, the InterDesign mirror outperforms the Shave-Well mirror as far as how long it stays fog free. But the shave-well mirror is light weight. If the Shave-Well mirror should fall, it’s very unlikely that it anything will break — not your toe, not your tub, not even the mirror itself.

Flexible Installation Methods

Many shower mirrors for shaving are limited to the installation method they come with. For example, some of them have suction cups that are built-in. However, both the mirrors I recommend can be used with either suction cup hooks or self-adhesive hooks, which gives you greater flexibility in installation.

The InterDesign mirror comes with a suction cup. But, if it turns out that suction cups don’t work well on your shower’s wall, you can use a self-adhesive hook, which you can buy at Wal-Mart or a hardware store.

The shave-well mirror comes with a self-adhesive hook, but if you would like to use it for traveling or would just rather have something less permanent in your shower, you can buy a suction cup hook for it at Wal-Mart or a hardware store.

Being able to use suction cups or self-adhesive hooks increases the likelihood that you will be able to successfully attach the mirror to your shower wall. I have tested some other shower mirrors for shaving that were also good, but they were limited to built-in suction cups or had to be permanently glued to the shower wall.

To me, being able to use either suction cups OR self-adhesive hooks is one of the most important features of these two mirrors.

So far, you keep hearing me tell you how wonderful these mirrors are, but maybe you’d like to see if other people consider these to be good shower mirrors for shaving. Well, you can check out the reviews at Amazon (links below).

Read reviews about the InterDesign Mirror!

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Shower Mirrors You Should Avoid

Avoid coating-type mirrors. The majority of the fogless shower mirrors for shaving on the market use special coatings to prevent fog formation. These coatings can vary quite widely in quality. Some of them prevent fog formation for a few days while others prevent fogging for one or two months. But at some point, the coating will degrade so much that you will not be able to see yourself unless you wash the original coating off and retreat it with more defogging fluid, which never works as good as the original coating.

Avoid mirrors with electronic gizmos. In almost all cases, shower shaving mirrors with electronic gizmos are coating-type mirrors. For that reason alone they should be avoided. Furthermore, the electronic gizmos that these mirrors come with — whether lights, clocks, radios, or whatever — are usually of fairly poor quality and usually not quite as water resistant as you would hope. (It’s these mirrors with electronic gizmos that tend to be in the $40-$60 price range; so, it’s fortunate that we get to avoid them, right?)

Instead of getting fancy, expensive shower mirrors that don’t work, why not get a cheap one that does? You can get these two mirrors at Amazon. Go check them out!

Buy the InterDesign Mirror at Amazon!

Buy the Shave-Well Mirror at Amazon!

I think you’ll be happy with either one that you buy, and you will immediately see why they’re my favorite shower mirrors for shaving.